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mud season at golden fleece farm
April showers bring May flowers and— mud season. For most equestrians, mud season is where the winter blues really start to kick in. Mud means a lot of extra work, especially if you keep your horses at home. Boots are constantly sucked off your feet, thrush infections need to be
I believe in authenticity. I preach it all over my website and my social media is filled with the daily reality of taking care of a (very) small horse farm in rural Maryland. I also believe in being honest about our mistakes. The equestrian world is filled with images of
Equine Marketing
If the equestrian world were a library, it would be a multi-faceted beast with a ridiculous number of genres and subgenres. Understanding what shelf your business sits on is crucial for your equine marketing strategy. Walking through the library, you’d find two main wings: English and Western. But, of course,
POC = people of color LEO = law enforcement officer I didn’t sleep at all on Monday night.  My husband is a law enforcement officer. On the most violent night of the DC protests, I waited until midnight for him to come home, had nightmares until 3AM and then went
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There’s a scene in the movie “Elf” that I think sums up most modern marketing pretty accurately. Will Farrell walks by a coffee shop with a sign on the window that says something along the lines of “World’s Best Coffee.” Throwing open the door, he runs in and shouts “Congratulations!
Marketing for Equine Professionals
Riding horses can feel a lot like banging your head against the wall.  You put the best feed, care, and training into an animal– a partner– only to have it pull a shoe and come up lame the day before a horse show. All of that blood, sweat, tears, and
Equine Marketing for the Coronavirus
Between the coronavirus and the upcoming election, the world has become a scary and divisive place. For equine professionals, the economic crisis that seems to be looming over the horizon is frightening. Here’s the good news: animals will always need excellent care.  The other good news is that you can
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The other day I was late feeding the horses. I had gotten caught up writing an article for a client, and lost track of time. I zoomed through feeding as much as I could (I’m a notorious lingerer in the barn) and rushed out to run errands. I got to
veterinary marketing
Veterinary clinics provide a crucial service to pet owners around the world. Whether a client owns a horse, cat, or iguana, veterinarians are there to help them with emergencies and keep their pets healthy. At Golden Fleece Farm, we believe that it is our job to provide veterinarians with amazing
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“Are you ready to have fun?” I greeted the little grey mare at the gate the same way each day. She hadn’t had the best start in life. Living out in a field, with no human interaction, and no vet or farrier care for her first five years. However, she
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There is a body in my backyard. He does not belong to me and yet when I bought the house I adopted his bones right along with it. They lie 6 feet underground, the weight of the earth pressing them deeper into the embrace of the Rainbow Bridge. After a
Equine Marketing
Let’s get this straight: negativity has no place in the equine world. The horse is an animal that lives in the now. They don’t care if your dressage test was botched — they probably didn’t even know they were performing a test. But the mental state of the rider can

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