Oh the Horses They’ve Ridden… 


Do you have one pair of breeches that you just can’t bring yourself to throw away, no matter how many times they’ve been patched up or how old they are?

Call me sentimental, but I have one pair of Kerrits breeches that I just can’t bring myself to get rid of. They’re almost a decade old and still look remarkably good for their age. I’ve sewed up a few loose strings here and there, but overall they still offer great compression and support, and freedom of movement. 

But the biggest reason that I can’t get rid of them is because of all that I’ve done in them. These breeches have carried me through countless lessons and training rides. They’ve been on the back of some of my favorite horses. 

They were with me when I first broke a horse to saddle– a little grey mare named Gabby, who had had a rough and neglectful path. They were with me when I trained for my first ever dressage show, on a paint/percheron cross named Sky who I had followed to three different barns. These were the breeches I was wearing when I swung up into the saddle on my first horse, Encore. These breeches came with me to Aiken, South Carolina where I was a working student and was first introduced to eventing. 

When I think of all of the horses these breeches have been with me through… Liam, Encore, Amore, Sky, Gabby, LB, and the countless number of horses I catch rode throughout the years, I wind up just staring at them and reminiscing. These are more than just breeches. 

Photo by Wise Images.

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