Step by Step Guide to Cleaning Horse Blankets

I think I’ve found it– the best and most affordable way to clean horse blankets. Click to read my step-by-step guide.

Making Mistakes: Foxtail

I believe in authenticity. I preach it all over my website and my social media is filled with the daily reality of taking care of a (very) small horse farm in rural Maryland. I also believe in being honest about our mistakes. The equestrian world is filled with images of gleaming bridles, perfectly healthy shinyContinue reading “Making Mistakes: Foxtail”

Disingenuous Truths & Equine Marketing

There’s a scene in the movie “Elf” that I think sums up most modern marketing pretty accurately. Will Farrell walks by a coffee shop with a sign on the window that says something along the lines of “World’s Best Coffee.” Throwing open the door, he runs in and shouts “Congratulations! You did it!” The restContinue reading “Disingenuous Truths & Equine Marketing”